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Professional Janitorial & Maintenance Service

We make
showroom clean.

We clean for health, not just for appearance.


We provide exceptional quality services in each industry we serve.


Who we are.

From spot free window cleaning up to 70 feet, heated carpet extractions, fogging, sanitizing & disinfecting, deep cleaning, scheduled cleaning, floor care, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, to power washing. In every case, WTP Janitorial & Maintenance makes every day run smoothly by going the extra mile to deliver the best quality with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and satisfaction.

Our team of ISSA/CMI certified technician are a group of hardworking people who takes pride servicing the needs of clients across multiple industries from commercial office buildings, construction (post-construction clean-up), real estate management companies (move in move out clean-up), government facilities (buildings, parks, beaches), day care facilities, food & restaurant industry, parking lots, sports facilities, warehousing, and more. Our goal is to create a safe & heathy work environment for our clients, their staff, as well as their customers.

Why chose us?

Caring for the people and spaces that are important to you and your customers.

In every industry and every environment, every day, people matter. When everything is clean, efficient, and sustainable, and operating smoothly, employees are more productive, visitors come back for more, and your business stays ahead of the competition. We The People Janitorial & Maintenance, LLC delivers facility solutions with an innovation mindset and dedicated, technology-enabled employees. Every day, the work we do ensures the success of the work you do.

Do you have space that needs maintance? 

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We service a wide array of facilities, from small retail stores to large multi-tenant buildings.