JANITORIAL & Maintenance

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Office Trash Removal Services

Overflowing trash cans have no place in a professional environment. WTO Janitorial Service & Maintenance understands the need for a clean office space.

From day-to-day office rubbish to kitchen and restroom debris, WTO Janitorial Service & Maintenance can empty and reline your trash receptacles and place the refuse in a designated area of your building for removal. We also empty recycling bins and handle the contents in compliance with all recycling laws. Importance of a clean and uncluttered workspace. That’s why we offer reliable and economical trash services to businesses of all sizes throughout the greater Los Angeles, Orange County and parts of Venture and San Bernadeno. We have provided high quality commercial office cleaning and janitorial services, including trash removal.

For your protection and peace of mind, all WTO Janitorial Service & Maintenance employees are screened, carry proper company identification and are neat in appearance. They are discreet and respectful of your space and will keep it secure from the moment they enter to the moment they depart. When leaving your facility, our staff will lock all windows and doors, turn off lights and set any alarms.

Don’t get buried under mounds of trash! Let the professionals at WTO Janitorial Service & Maintenance customize a trash removal program for your facility.  Focus on your business and let us handle the dirty work. To learn more about our customized cleaning services, please give us a call at 909-232-5553

Consistent reliable Professional always ready

Caring for the people and spaces that are important to you and your customers.

In every industry and every environment, every day, people matter. When everything is clean, efficient, and sustainable, and operating smoothly, employees are more productive, visitors come back for more, and your business stays ahead of the competition. WTP Janitorial delivers facility solutions with an innovation mindset and dedicated, technology-enabled employees. Every day, the work we do ensures the success of the work you do.