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Just like clothing, carpets become dirty and need to be washed regularly. Over time grime and dirt accumulate in the fibers, giving the carpet a faded, worn look and an unpleasant odor. This excess dirt weakens the bond of the fibers, which can cause unsightly tears and holes in the carpet – particularly in high foot traffic areas. Carpets also harbor dust mites, pollen and dander which encourage bacteria and other allergens that can provoke a range of health problems, including asthma.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Vacuuming

Rejuvenate Your Carpets with WTP Janitorial  Service & Maintenance’s Professional Carpet Cleaning Services.

Your facility is a reflection of your business image, and neglected carpets can send the wrong message to your clients and employees. Make certain your carpets reflect positively on your company by having them professionally cleaned on a routine basis.

We Clean, Scotchguard, and Remove Stains & Odors

WTP Janitorial  Service & Maintenance’s commercial carpet cleaning service can help preserve the quality, beauty and health of your carpets. We employ a deep cleaning system that penetrates the fibers and flushes out dirt, pollutants and allergens, leaving your carpets fresh, clean and invigorated. Our technicians use only the safest, most effective products. Our carpet cleaning chemicals and shampoos are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and quick drying for a professional, deep down clean.

From stairs and hallways to wall-to-wall carpet, let WTP Janitorial  Service & Maintenance prolong the life of your carpet with our professional cleaning program. We service businesses of all sizes throughout Los Angeles City, Orange County, and parts of Venture and San Bernardino Counties. To learn more about our customized carpet cleaning services, please call us at 909-232-5553 Click here for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Caring for the people and spaces that are important to you and your customers.

In every industry and every environment, every day, people matter. When everything is clean, efficient, and sustainable, and operating smoothly, employees are more productive, visitors come back for more, and your business stays ahead of the competition. WTP Janitorial delivers facility solutions with an innovation mindset and dedicated, technology-enabled employees. Every day, the work we do ensures the success of the work you do.